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Thailand: From Green to Social Programmes

According to Thaipat Institute, the shift on CSR in 2009 will move from green issues to a greater focus on social issues, especially on matters of unemployment. According to Thaipat Institute Director, Pipat Yodprudtikan, business organisations will aim to give more opportunities to employees to develop and improve their skills not relating to their regular jobs, so that they'd be able to move forward into a new position or even a new profession.

However, Pipat believes that workplaces should not be the only place for people to be exposed to social responsibility awareness. He suggested Thai education institutions prepare students by developing their presentation skills to approach desired jobs or positions rather than just providing ability and knowledge development.

Pipat was reported to have said, "CSR should be included in the school and university curriculum. Many business schools have started to set up CSR programmes for both bachelor's and master's degrees. It's important that we start cultivating social awareness as early as possible."

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