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GRI Certified Training Partner

Thaipat Institute is pleased to be a certified training organization for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). With more than 20 years of experience promoting corporate sustainability and socially responsible practices in business organizations through our research, training, consulting on CSR and sustainability practices, and reporting, this course will enable all types of organizations to report according to the GRI, the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting framework.

If your organization is thinking about preparing a report but doesn’t know where to start, this GRI certified training course helps you to understand and coordinate the GRI sustainability reporting process.

What to deliver
The two-day program will provide you with basic knowledge of GRI, and the five phases of the GRI sustainability reporting process. This process enables your organization to start writing first GRI report or transforming your existing CSR report into the GRI format. The course will deliver participants the followings:

Sustainability context & drivers of reporting organization
Major potential benefits and challenges of reporting process
Links between organizational activities and their economic, social, and environmental impacts
Ability to identify and prioritize stakeholders for engagement process
Capability to select relevant topics and material indicators to report on

Who should attend
Participants expected for this program are person who responsible for coordinating the reporting process within the organization, and/or outside consultant whom the organization has contracted to produce the report.

What you would get
Participants will receive a certificate directly from GRI after completing the feedback questionnaire. The questionnaire is sent to participants via email shortly after the training. The certificate confirms completion of the course, and does not indicate that the participant is certified by GRI.

Note that the certificate is sent to the participant in secured PDF format as an attachment to an email. Hardcopies of the certificate are not issued.

For more information, please contact, or
Access the GRI Standards Certified Training Course for more details

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