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Thai bourse joins in holding Corporate Social Responsibility Day

The Thai bourse's Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI) and Thaipat Institute ("Foundation for Thailand Rural Reconstruction Movement Under Royal Patronage), held CSR DAY to encourage listed and other firms to strengthen their business operations and increase their business opportunities by applying business strategy on a CSR basis, focusing employee participation at all levels. DTAC and Bangchak are among the participating firms.

CSRI, The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and Thaipat Institute revealed their collaboration in CSR Day, held today (March 17, 2009). Activities emphasized building understanding and support of employees participating in CSR activities. CSRI will be a main center introducing CSR to companies, including managing the overall CSR schedule of activities. Thaipat Institute will be the main partner in distributing CSR knowledge and holding CSR workshops for employees.

CSR Day is another project that strengthens organizations, as its strategies emphasize participation of employees. This participation will in turn help employees feel more involved with the society, noted SET President and CSRI advisor Patareeya Benjapolchai

"CSR Day will give us new perspectives of CSR activity, as they do not always deal with financial matters. Rather, they encourage all employees to participate in social responsibility by committing to their responsibilities, customers, organization, including society and the outside community. These actions will help bond relationships among employees and create a strong organizational culture. Creating awareness in business operations, along with social responsibility, is a significant factor for the organization in becoming accepted and consistently growing," said Ms. Patareeya.

CSR DAY is supported by two listed companies which have outstanding CSR activities; Total Access Communication PCL and Bangchak Petroleum PCL. The project, "Do good deeds everyday," was supported by four organizations. The ultimate goal is to make everyday a CSR Day, which is in line with another DTAC program, said Mr. Peerapong Klinlaor, Head, CSR department, Total Access Communication PCL

"We strongly believe that the participation of all employees in CSR activities is a significant driving force to achieve the company objectives. CSR Day realizes the importance of employee participation in joining the company's CSR activities, which will give employees opportunities to help society. Such activities are in line with Bangchak's culture in being merit, knowledgeable and helpful to others," noted Mr. Wattana Opanon-amata, Senior Executive Vice President, Bangchak Petroleum PCL.

"Organizations confronting problems in CSR activities mostly are not to lack of resources or knowledge on CSR, but it is from lacking of channels or opportunities for employees to participate in the project. We found that even though numerous organizations have operated CSR activities and receive plenty of rewards, in fact the employees do not feel any pride in or any participative feelings from such activities. CSR Day gives plenty of opportunities to employees, and helps them achieve the objectives of each organization," said Thaipat Institute Director Pipat Yodprudtikan

CSR Day activities will be include a half-day's activities, including a lecture on CSR for each enterprise, a workshop for employees, CSR brainstorming, and CSR Agent search. Participant will receive knowledge about CSR, its direction and development, CSR strategies, and CSR innovation, CSR that suits the companies and most importantly, staff participation of employees. There will also be special topics for each organization.

Listed firms or any enterprises interested in joining the project, which is free of charge, can contact CSRI to arrange CSR DAY reservations at 02 229 2394 (limited seats available). For more information, please visit or contact Thaipat Institute at 02 930 5227, or

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