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Thai bourse and Thaipat Institute announced success of CSR DAY

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)'s Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI) and Thaipat Institute (the Foundation for Thailand Rural Reconstruction Movement Under Royal Patronage) held "CSR DAY Networking,' for almost 80 listed firms and organizations. This project achieved great success, as the target number of firms was 50. SET and Thaipat Institute will organize phase II of CSR DAY for other 50 firms in 2010. Total Access Communication PCL (DTAC), CAT Telecom PCL (CAT) and The Bangchak Petroleum PCL (BCP) help support the project.

The 78 firms participating consisted of 50 listed companies and 28 general business organizations, with a total of 2,500 participants and 90 days of CSR DAY held in the workplaces.

"SET supports listed firms to realize the importance of doing business with social responsibility, by focusing on employees' participation. This support resulted in initiating CSR DAY in 2009, with cooperation of relevant sectors. The project was extremely successful, showing that businesses realized the importance of doing CSR in the workplace, which was important to building the sustained success of the organization. CSR DAY helped employees understand that CSR can be done everyday and anywhere. CSR DAY gave opportunities for employees to participate in CSR activities with their organization by providing them with a stage from which to present ideas benefiting their working process, organization, community, and society.

Besides, CSR DAY helped build good relationships in the workplace and increased service effectiveness, which helped increase customers' satisfaction. In 2010, SET will join phase II of CSR DAY by organizing CSR DAY for 50 listed firms and private organizations," said SET President Patareeya Benjapolchai on behalf of CSRI advisor.

"The Capital Market Development Fund is a center in connecting CSR projects among listed firms and other interested organizations, and we found that many firms wanted to hold CSR DAY more often to let their employees join the activities. Also, another 28 organizations showed interest in joining. Results exceeded target both in terms of number of companies represented and activities days. In 2010, CSRI will expand this project to other firms and organizations," added SET Executive Director, Industry Development Center, and Capital Market Development Fund Chaiyoot Chamnanlertkit.

Phase II of CSR DAY is continually supported by listed and public companies with outstanding CSR operations, which are Total Access Communication PCL (DTAC), CAT Telecom PCL (CAT) and The Bangchak Petroleum PCL (BCP).

"DTAC, one of CSR DAY initiator, will cooperate with five organizations to drive phase II of CSR DAY, since the response on CSR DAY proved that the CSR activities that involve cooperation among organizations is more effective than implementing CSR activities separately in each organization," said Mr. Peerapong Klinlaor, Head, CSR department, Total Access Communication PCL (DTAC).

"It is a pleasure for CAT to support phase II of CSR DAY. We will provide an opportunity to our customers and partners, including other organizations that are interested in arranging CSR activities in the offices and focus on employee participation in making every day a CSR day. Supporting CSR DAY is our strategy to continually promote good social responsibility to other organizations," CAT Senior Executive Vice President and CSR project Chairman Sompol Chantprasert noted.

"Bangchak believes that today's business role must consist of two missions, building a balance between 'value,' and 'worth.' CSR DAY will fulfill the need of firms interested in driving CSR activities, but what obstructs them does not come from lack of resources or knowledge, but from lack of channels or areas to allow employees to participate. Holding CSR activities with employee participation will create pride,community and society acceptance, customer reliance, and a chance for business innovation," noted BCP'Senior Executive Vice President Wattana Opanon-amata.

"Thaipat Institute, as a main organization in promoting CSR knowledge and activities of CSR DAY project,today has approximately 2,500 participants, who created over 8,000 examples of CSR activities. The results of this project are not limited to the participants receiving knowledge about CSR or the number of CSR activity examples from workshops, as many organizations had turned CSR ideas from their employees'brainstorming into real CSR activities for the firm, while employees participating in CSR DAY activities will change their role to become CSR agents," revealed Thaipat Institute Director Pipat Yodprudtikan, Ph. D.

"Continuing phase II of CSR DAY will help expand an accurate knowledge on CSR and increase employees'participation in CSR activities," concluded Dr. Pipat.

Listed companies and other organizations interested in CSR DAY can reserve dates for organizing CSR activities at SET's CSRI at 0 2229 2394, without charge. For more information, please visit or call Thaipat Institute at 0 2930 5227 or email

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