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Kollywood … Revival of Korat Traditional Arts & Cultures

Korat CSR Network Presents
“Kollywood … Revival of Korat Traditional Arts & Cultures”

Exhibiting Korat historical background,
Experiencing the authentic Thai food & handicrafts,
and Enjoying the famous Thai traditional dramatic performance or ‘Li-kei’

Korat CSR Network is organizing an event called “Kollywood… Revival of Korat Traditional Arts & Cultures” which will be held on February 26 -28, 2010, in the area called “Swai-rieng” located on Mukamontri Road, next to Nakhonratchasima Central Train Station, Muang district, Nakhonratchasima.

Korat CSR Network is an organization comprise of volunteers from both private and government sectors as well as community leaders in Nakhonratchasima who committed to social responsibilities and willing to create a better living for Korat society. The concept is to conserve and promote the local traditional arts & cultures i.e. Li-kei (the traditional dramatic performance), authentic Thai food and splendid handicrafts originated since the time of Rama XI’s reign. Nevertheless, the work also include renovating the old buildings along the street in “Swai-rieng” area while keeping its genuine landscape in order to make it a new destination for cultural traveler.

Highlights are the great plays and performances from various artists starting from the host – about 20 Korat Li-kei troupes will be performing series of shows especially created for this event. Next is the performance from Patravadi theatre which renowned for its modernized classical performance. Also, at the main stage, in every night during the event there will be a magnificent light & sound show based on the true story since World War II.

Interesting activities include Li-kei photoshop and Li-kei workshop which the guest can enjoy being the Li-kei star for a day, the photo exhibition reviewing historical background of Korat, and for children, they will get to know and learn to play traditional toys and recreations on the playground stage.

Furthermore, the traditional Thai food & handicrafts zone, another “can’t miss” part of this event, guests will be taking their own masterpiece home with them as well as the great experience they will get from practicing traditional Thai food cooking. As we aim to demonstrate and promote these fine arts.

The event is mainly sponsored by Nakhonratchasima Province, the Nakhonratchasima Provincial Organization, PTT PLC. and State Railway of Thailand. Many famous artists i.e. Master Patravadi Mejudhon, the founder and artistic director of Patravadi Theatre, and Master Somtow Sucharitkul of the Siam Philharmonic Orchestra are interested in helping to revive the art of Li-kei performance.

Please come and join the “Kollywood… Revival of Korat traditional arts and cultures” at “Swai-Rieng” area on Mukamontri Road. The event will be held on February 26-28, 2010 from 16.00-24.00 hrs. Visitors are encouraged to wear Thai traditional costume during this event. Save the date! This event is free of charges.

For more information, please kindly contact Khun Suphannee Kopipat Tel.089-722-9975