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Thaipat Institute, SET's CSRI promote CSR

The Stock Exchange of Thailand's Corporate Social Responsibility Institute and the Thaipat Institute have initiated CSR Day for Directors in a bid to steer the next generation of leaders towards sustainable business and social development.

"CSR Day for Directors will focus on synchronisation for effective implementation and alignment with the companies' core strategies. This supports the institute's aim of increasing the private sector's CSR role in social development, so that it can move forward in line with economic expansion," CSRI executive director Chaiyoot Chamnanlertkit said yesterday.

CSR Day for Directors is geared towards directors and highranking corporate executives who are in charge of policy planning and supervising CSR activities.

The project was kicked off with support from Total Access Communication and Bangchak Petroleum after CSR Day proved successful.

That campaign attracted more than 5,000 staff from 120 listed companies and business organisations, so that they could share their efforts in helping society.

The new campaign responds to growing corporate awareness of incorporating CSR policies into operations, in order to make a clearer and stronger impact.

Bangchak Petroleum senior executive vice president Wattana Opanonamata said this demonstrated corporate commitment to society as a member of the world. This will be a main driver towards the creation of CSR in process.

Standard CSR practices - such as those from the UN Global Compact, OECD Guidelines, ISO 26000 and Global Reporting Initiative - will be presented to the directors and corporate executives.

CSR Day for Directors will show them the methodology in applying the guidelines to practices, and they can learn the methodology in a meeting lasting one or two hours.

Any interested company can book an activity date with the CSRI at (02) 229 2394 via; with the Thaipat Institute at (02) 930 5227; or by sending email to

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