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Thai bourse supports Thai firms to produce CSR reports for sustainability disclosure

BANGKOK, April 5, 2013 - Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (CSRI), under The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) group, is committed to encourage Thai listed companies to develop and operate businesses with social responsibility. To support the firms in producing CSR reports, CSRI has continued building understanding of CSR through seminars and other trainings, aiming at creating sustainability for Thai organizations, underscoring SET's long-term capital market development plan.

SET Executive Vice President and CSRI Director Bordin Unakul said that enhancing CSR reports is a core target of CSRI to support Thai listed companies in disclosing their CSR information and activities. This disclosure is essential, as investors increasingly value companies operating with social and environmental responsibility under good corporate governance as one of investment selection criteria. Therefore, a CSR report is a key tool for organizations to evaluate themselves in order to improve business efficiency and grow with sustainability.

"To encourage Thai firms to do their CSR reports this year for distribution in 2014, a program, called "Enhancing Thai listed firms' CSR report development," has been created and organized by CSRI, together with the Thaipat Institute (The Foundation of Thailand Rural Reconstruction Movement Under Royal Patronage). Companies participating in the program will learn how to plan and collect information for reporting following the Integrated CSR Reporting (iCSR) framework, which is also in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission rules to be announced this year. They are also offered a template of topics and issues in following iCSR and samples of series of indicators for the report," Bordin said.

In addition, the program also provides extensive advice and suggestions for doing CSR Report, as well as activities for exchanging knowledge and opinions for further improving the report with quality, before upgrading the report to follow the GRI framework. Admission is open for Thai listed companies from now until April 17.

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