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THAIPAT Unveils “ESG Rating” and Announces Companies on ESG100 List

To Support New Dimension of Transparent Investments for Social & Environmental Care

21 January 2015 – Thaipat Institute has opened up the new dimension of sustainability development by ranking Thailand-based companies on the basis of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) for the first time. As ESG rating answers to the goal of promoting sustainable investments, Thaipat Institute also releases the list of ESG100.

The ESG Rating Unit of Thaipat Institute, a pioneer of business-sustainability database development, has evaluated the sustainability of 567 companies on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (excluding companies that are undergoing rehabilitation) based on their publicly-released reports or information from their declaration (Form 56-1). The declaration form, which identifies sources and periods during which the information has been gathered, is required by the Capital Market Supervisory Board’s announcement on guidelines, criteria and procedures on the disclosure of public listed companies’ financial information and operating results. The evaluation, moreover, is based on annual reports, sustainability reports, and information on the companies’ sustainability-development results as compiled by relevant authorities.

The ESG100 list, which names 100 outstanding companies in terms of ESG, is the first such ranking in Thailand. ESG100 marks the first time Thailand’s public listed companies are ranked on the basis of business-sustainability development. The list serves as a source of business-sustainability information on listed companies, answering to the need of investors who are keen to invest in socially and environmental responsible firms.

The release of ESG100 aims to encourage both the disclosure of listed companies’ sustainability information and responsible investments. As a participating organization of the Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR), Thaipat Institute has applied GISR criteria to the development of its own rating methodology both in terms of procedures and content. Taken into account are stakeholders’ opinions, listed companies’ sustainability information that may affect stakeholders’ decisions, material parts of their comprehensive operations in value chain, and their long-term goals. Because long-term goals provide guidance that shapes both short-term and medium-term results, they are among major factors.

Dr.Pipat Yodprudtikan says, “The ESG100 provides baseline data for investors who are looking for listed companies with outstanding environmental, social and governance. Of all those in the universe, our list includes just 100 listed companies. These firms offer sustainable investments. Returns from such investments are also no less than those from general investments”.

Before this, Thaipat Institute has already laid down assessment criteria for the Thai Listed Companies Association’s Sustainability Report Award project. Also, the institute has developed CSR Progress Indicators and Anti-Corruption Progress Indicators for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Thanks to Thaipat Institute’s role, listed companies receive information that is useful to the formulation of plans/measures for sustainability development. The move is tangibly in line with the five-year Sustainability Development Road Map (2014 – 2018) as well as international standards.

Investors who wish to find out about the firms on the ESG100 can browse to for more information.

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