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THAIPAT Announces ESG100: 2019 List

Property Funds - REITs - Infrastructure Funds included for the first time

30 May 2019 – Thaipat Institute today releases ESG100: 2019 List, naming 100 securities that are most outstanding in terms of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance this year. The list also includes property funds, real estate investment trusts, and infrastructure funds as ESG rating extends to those for the first time in 2019 with aim to present greater choices for sustainable investments and returns that are no less than market rates.

Thaipat Institute, via its ESG Rating unit, the pioneer in the development of Thailand’s corporate sustainability database, started compiling ESG100 lists in 2015 to recognize the 100 most outstanding ESG performers on the Thai stock market (both SET and mai) on an annual basis.

The ESG100: 2019 list is the fifth list prepared by the Thaipat Institute’s ESG Rating Unit, which has assessed 771 securities (excluding those that are undergoing business rehabilitation) including property funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs) and infrastructure funds, based on over 14,278 publicly-available data points from six data sources1 this year.

Dr.Pipat Yodprudtikan, chairman of Thaipat Institute, says, “We have considered both ESG and operating performance in compiling the ESG100: 2019 list. This year, we have also assessed property funds, REITs, and infrastructure funds for the first time in the rating so as to present investment alternatives that have low volatility but offer returns that are no less than the market rate”.

The Universe of ESG100: 2019 are 100 selected securities out of eight industry groups namely:

Agro & Food Industry11 securities
Consumer Products4 securities
Financials12 securities
Industrials15 securities
Property & Construction21 securities
Resources10 securities
Services21 securities
Technology6 securities

Of all 100 securities on the list, nine come from the Market for Alternative Investment (mai), i.e., FPI, MBAX, MOONG, PPS, TMILL, TPCH, SPA, WINNER, and XO. There are two infrastructure funds namely:

North Bangkok Power Plant Block 1 Infrastructure Fund, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGATIF)
Jasmine Broadband Internet Infrastructure Fund (JASIF)

The ESG100: 2019 list also includes seven property funds and REITs as follows:

CPN Commercial Growth Leasehold Property Fund (CPNCG)
Prime Office Leasehold Property Fund (POPF)
Bualuang Office Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust (B-WORK)
Frasers Property Thailand Industrial Freehold and Leasehold REIT (FTREIT)
Golden Ventures Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust (GVREIT)
LH Shopping Centers Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust (LHSC)
WHA Premium Growth Freehold and Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust (WHART)

The ESG100 securities have the combined market capitalization of around Bt10.4 trillion. In other words, they account for 62.6 per cent of the SET’s total market cap of Bt16.6 trillion.

The ESG100: 2019 list is about 27 per cent constituent change from the earlier list and will be used to update the constituents of the Thaipat ESG Index, which will be in effect in July.

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1 These sources are: Data listed under the Corporate Social Responsibility subject in the annual registration statement (Form 56-1), Securities and Exchange Commission; ESG rating information on publicly listed companies, ESG Rating Company Limited; Data used for the granting of Sustainability Report Awards, Thai Listed Companies Association; Findings from CG Scoring surveys, the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD); Findings from sustainability development ratings on CSR Progress Indicators and Anti-corruption Indicators, Thaipat Institute; and information on Media and Stakeholder Analysis (MSA), Image Plus Communication Company Limited.

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