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THAIPAT Releases ESG Emerging List

Focuses on ESG Factor for Better Long-Term Financial Returns

23 July 2020 – Thaipat Institute today releases its first ESG Emerging list, which features listed companies with promising ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) performance, as an alternative universe for better long-term investment for lucrative return.

Thaipat Institute, by its ESG Rating unit, the pioneer in the development of Thailand’s corporate sustainability database and the annual ESG100 list since 2015, has compiled the ESG Emerging List for the first time this year to recognize promising ESG performers on the Thai stock market. For the list, the institute has reviewed 803 companies/funds/investment trusts using ESG information from over 14,870 publicly available data points from six data sources1.

Dr.Pipat Yodprudtikan, chairman of Thaipat Institute, says, “To compile ESG Emerging list, we have assessed company disclosure on its ESG initiatives or ongoing activities, to determine its potential to raise financial returns for investors in the long run”.

Components to identify ESG Emerging eligibility including:

Disclosure on ESG information during the assessment period.
Improvement on core business or business processes towards environmentally friendly, social responsibility, and good governance during the assessment period.
Initiatives or ongoing activities relating to ESG which have direct effect on revenue growth or cost saving/avoidance carrying on to the next assessment period.

In addition to the aforementioned components, members of the ESG Emerging list must also meet the Thaipat screening criteria i.e.

Having recorded profits in the past two fiscal years;
Complying with SEC regulations and legislations with no evidence presents a sufficient ground for enforcement; and
Distributing of minority shareholdings met the free-float requirements ruled by the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

As a result of assessment, The member of ESG Emerging list for the year 2020 consist of 20 securities: 2S, BAM, BIZ, BOL, CRC, FPT, GFPT, HARN, INSET, KIAT, PDG, PHOL, STGT, TFFIF, TFG, TNH, TNP, TPAC, UTP, and VIH.

Regarding the ESG100 list, companies/funds/investment trusts entering the 2020 list will be informed directly by the Thaipat Institute, and the list will no longer be publicly released.

All members of ESG Emerging list will be included in the universe for updating the constituents of the Thaipat ESG Index, which will be in effect on 3rd of August.

Investors who interested in the ESG Emerging list and the ESG100 list can seek more information at

For more information, please contact
Khun Veraya Preeyapan
Tel: 02-930-5227 Fax: 02-930-5228

1 These sources are: Data listed under the Corporate Social Responsibility subject in the annual registration statement (Form 56-1), Securities and Exchange Commission; ESG rating information on publicly listed companies, ESG Rating Company Limited; Data used for the granting of Sustainability Disclosure Awards, Sustainability Disclosure Community; Findings from CG Scoring surveys, the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD); Findings from sustainability development ratings on CSR Progress Indicators and Anti-corruption Indicators, Thaipat Institute; and information on Media and Stakeholder Analysis (MSA), Image Plus Communication Company Limited.

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